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Since 2 August 2013, Clash of Clans has been ruling on our hearts. It is by far top most and massively played a mobile video game. It is developed, published by Supercell. Players enter into a persistent world when they switch on this game. Here let us explore the world of TH9 war base.

In this game, a player is a chief. He is the chief of a village. Players build and create their own towns by making use of resources. They gain resources while making an attack on their opponents. Main and primary resources in this game are gold and elixir and also dark elixir. Players create clans up to fifty people; these clans play Clan Wars together. They also donate and receive troops. Players can earn gold as well as store gold by building gold mines and too gold storages. They can earn and store elixir by building elixir collectors and also elixir storages. Elixir helps out players to give training for new troops. Elixir help and guide players to upgrade their troops, to re-load their X-Bows, to upgrade a certain number of buildings and war bases.

TH9 War Base Layout:

These town hall 9 war base layouts are available online. On these war bases, players have to use an excessive amount of gem and money. These war bases have highly and extreme kind of upgraded troops. You have to play on defensive mode over here. You might get additional benefits and give certain perks to your clan at this war base. These layouts have been made for clan battles. Players can use this base if their opponents are from TH5 or they might be from TH6. Through TH9 war base, you can easily take down your opponents if they are playing from TH5 and TH6 bases.

th9 war base

TH9 War Base Anti 2 Star:

This subjected one TH9 war base anti 2 star, it can easily withstand and tolerate many heavy attacks.  They are not rushed bases. These bases will let players come in excellent attacking mode. This clash of Clans war base help players to make progressive and successful war strategy at their end. These bases have high and massive troop level. This base is suitable for resource collection and storage collection. To distract your opponents, these bases can help you out in making and creating clever kind of war strategy. It is an engineered base. You buy resources and try to make your army as much strong as possible it can be! These bases are weak in terms of defense. This anti 2 star war base can too withstand attacks like that of golems. This TH9 war base is installed with bomb towers.

TH9 War Base Anti 3 Star:

One of the prime and major uses of this clash of Clans town hall 9 war base is to let players play with an offensive strategy. It gives complete offensive power to players. Players have to go on defenseless mode to beat their opponents. This base let them maximize their war base so that other players can go on their different routes as well. These Anti 3-Star Bases, they are much useful and helpful in Clan Wars. It let players get defending trophies. This war base successfully protects players from time to time. This mostly used TH9 war base prevent all those 3 Stars which were lost in Clan War. It has Offset Town Hall, some of the dead zones, inside compartments for these double Giant Bombs. It is one of the difficult bases to attack. Attackers will have a tough time because of these spread-out and wide compartments. They might not be able to funnel from outside. It will be difficult for attackers to get Archer Queen, or to defend Clan Castle troops.

TH9 War Base With Air Sweeper:

The prominent feature of this base war TH9 is air sweeper. This war base has been designed in such a manner that it can withstand and counter dragon attacks this feature of Air Sweeper, it pushes your enemies away. It protects your buildings by making use of air wave. Players set this air sweeper with a firm intention and give warning to its opponents. This feature places a barrier between your and your attackers. Players easily control the movement of their attackers by using air sweeper feature. You can also easily predict that from which spots your enemy might attack on you.

TH9 War Base With Air Sweeper

TH9 War Base Anti Gowipe:

This TH9 war base anti gowipe consist of a centralized clan castle. The prominent and highlighted feature of this war base is its double giant bomb placement aspect. You can place wizard towers. A balanced and composed look has been given to this war base. A Strong way to play from this war base is to collect and save more and more resources for your town. Use cheap units while playing at this war base. Instead of wizards, you can use Archers. Though no doubt, Wizards are great to work with they are too costly. Players need to spend 8 minutes to make a wizard, on the other hand, Archers can be created in less than 2 minutes. Use correct spells on this war base. This war base is non-rushed in form. It is made in a justified way by keeping in mind the gameplay of players and opponents. Play on TH9 anti gowipe war base and notice what interesting changes have been made in it. Attacking mode is suitable for such kind of war bases. At the same times, defensive and offensive strategies should be tackled at one single time by players.

TH9 War Base Anti Gowipe With Bomb Tower:

You should look for that TH9 war base which is Anti Gowipe and anti Gowihog, anti Gobala.  It has centralized clan castle and also a double giant in size bomb placement. It has wizard tower placement feature of it. All of the buildings in this best TH9 war base, they are distributed in an even way so that a balanced base can be created.

Here are Different Base Designs Which will give Ideas About TH9 War Base:

Farming Base:

This TH9 war base revolves around the protection and defending of resources. It does not care about trophies. This base is attacked with minimum force because trophy chasers are least concerned about this base.

Trophy Base:

This Trophy TH9 war base works well for players. On this base, attackers get a limited amount of scouting time. Attackers have to utilize their army which they have brought with them. On this clash of clans TH9 war base, they cannot make a special army of themselves. This Trophy Base protects and defends players of Town Hall. It is a clever base. Players have to play smartly. On this particular war base, attackers will have plenty time to prepare and set themselves. They can even replay their mistakes.

Hybrid Base:

This base gives protection for your town halls. It also protects your resources. This TH9 best war base will let players collect good and suitable amount of trophies. This base is a fusion of farming base and hunter base. As farming base protect resources. Hunter focused base protects town halls. Players can use expensive troops like that of Pekkas and dragons for their attacking purposes. On the other hand, Hybrid TH9 war base protects both of your town halls and resources.

War Base:

You can make your own COC TH9 war base, or you can download it. There are main and primary types of war bases which are used in this game, they are Farming Bases and Hybrid Bases and also Defense Bases.  These farming bases protect loot for players. These bases have town halls located outside of their walls. Then hybrid bases are used by players to gain and get trophies. These bases protect their loot at the same time as well. In these bases, town halls are located within walls. These bases are recommended for lower level and junior level players. Defense bases make sure that player town halls remain protected enough.

These are main base TH9 war bases. Each of these war bases service different and varied purpose. Some bases are utilized for town hall protection. Some bases are availed for resources protection. It is your clever strategy that matters to win this Clash of Clans game. Play in between defensive and offensive modes. Your engineered based strategies matter a lot while playing this game. Do not give a single chance to attackers to drag you down. Anti 2 star war base, anti 3 star war base, Anti Gowipe war base, anti Gowihog war base, anti Gobala war base, features of air sweeper, bomb towers, and these elements make your game play strong.

coc th9 war base

Players should choose right opponents of this game. You have to win your attacks. If you are in the wrong league then what is the point of attack? Players waste their time when they attack wrong opponents. You should not be doing common to all attacking mistakes. Do use your Troops at their best. Just find your perfect opponent and use your spells at their best. You should play with your attackers correctly. Do not ever carry out Bad troop deployment from your end. Use a few troops and suspect traps first. If you will correctly suspect these traps, then you can easily make a strategy to outsmart them as well. This tactic “testing the water” fits for this game.

Always be ready and prepared for traps and set yourself always for bad surprises. Select those troops only that can fit for your game. Your selected troops should have enough and suitable tank power so that they can cover any kind of Defenses damage. Troops should have sufficient DPS so that they can destroy and damage enough buildings in that mean time. Lastly, lightning spell, rage spell, healing spell, freeze spell, earthquake spell, poison spell, haste spell- players need to become master while using these spells. The timing of their spells should be correct. Instead of pushing your limits, players can use these spells at the right timing. These spells can really make your life and game play easier.

So what is your attacking and defending strategy to win Clash of Clans? Which TH9 war base you will be using? We will share further war base layouts of our viewers which are made for Clash of Clans fans.

TH9 War Base with Air Sweeper | Anti 2 Star | Anti 3 Star
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Clash of Clans TH9 War Base with Air Sweeper
Clash of Clans TH9 War Base with Air Sweeper
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Clash of Clans TH9 War Base Anti 3 Star
Clash of Clans TH9 War Base Anti 3 Star
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Clash of Clans TH9 War Base Anti 2 Star
Clash of Clans TH9 War Base Anti 2 Star
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