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To remain in the championship zone of Clash of Clans game, this TH9 war base anti 2 star has come to help you out. It is one useful TH9 war base for players. To tolerate huge attacks of your opponents, to withstand heavy attacks, players can use this war base. This war base is free from any rush. It is a non-rushed base. Players can easily transform themselves into complete attacking modes while using and availing the features of this base.

This anti 2 star TH9 war base can determine the success and winning point in players. You can make comprehensive and successful war strategies easily. More progressive your strategy will be, easy it will be for players to win this game and attack full on their opponents. Players should have high-end kind of troop level at their end and this TH9 war base anti 2 star surely to deliver you with these features.

What purpose this TH9 war base serve to players?

The basic and main purpose of TH9 war base 2016 anti 2 star is to collect resources and to make your opponents fully and completely distracting. It is a clear and smart war base, and it let players as well to create smart strategies and plans of their end as well. The strength of your army is built on the collection and storage of your resources. More resources, mean strong and huge army base on your end. Less and little resources mean weak army on your end.

th9 war base anti 2 star

How to play on this TH9 war base anti 2 star?

This subjected war base works most smartly for players. Players using this TH9 anti 2 star war base, they should better deploy and place 1 or 2 in some Barbarians so that they can easily draw out clan castle. To draw Barbarian King, Archer Queen, the same number of Barbarians should be deployed by players. This TH9 war base is a tricky war base. You need to be hell smart enough to play at this war base otherwise opponents will take advantage of your weaknesses. For the destruction of Air defense, players should send in 2 giants. Send your Giants to those walls which are less bit of protected. Players can use rest of their Barbarians to destroy the buildings of their opponents which are not covered by any defenses. It is better if players will deploy their dragon’s archer towers or near to wizard towers. You can use your healing spells as well when you see that your dragon has reached to half amount of healthy.

Results of Following This Strategy:

By following this strategy at base war TH 9 anti 2 star, players will be able to 80%-100% amount of destruction of their opponents. They will also get success in getting lots of resources for their survival. What else can be your attacking strategy? You need to make solid plans for that. Players have to take much care of defending Archer Queen always. They have to take a lot of care of their Clan Castle Troops. Do choose the position of your attack correctly. You should be able to spot the Air Defenses and their levels. Players should know that where their Air Sweepers have been placed and at that Direction, they are covering.

When Will the Hard Time for Players Come?

While playing this game, players will have a hard time as well. When players come to know that these Air Defenses are present all inside the core, then it will be difficult for players to destroy them. You can use this TH9 anti 2 star war base and make this hard time of yours easy one. The tricky tip is that you have to attack right being yourself in the straight line. Avoid attacking from the corner sites. Attacking from corner sites will make your Balloons to come in group form, and they might be killed quickly as well by your opponents.

Each of these single players can become a 3 Star master in these Clan Wars while using this TH9 war base anti 2 star. Time to come in your attacking strategy mode. You can well and easily attacks of your opponents by creating clever strategies in your heads. Not only attacking matters but gold, elixir matters a lot as well for the protection of your town halls and to make your army team strong. Players can opt this TH9 war base of their anti 2 star attacking strategy.

Clash of Clans TH9 War Base Anti 2 Star
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