Clash of Clans TH9 Hybrid Base Uses and Layouts

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For sure, this TH9 hybrid base can give you one of the fantastic gameplay sessions. It is an interesting and one of the smart design TH9 war base. This TH9 hybrid base 2017 performs dual functions. It protects your resources, town halls, and trophies. You can collect enough amount of resources by using this war base. You can collect enough in some trophies by using this smartly designed war base.

Complete and smart fusion of farming base and too hunter base can be seen in this TH9 hybrid base. A farming base, it protects your resources, gold, and gem. A hunter focused kind of base, it protects your town halls. So this TH9 war base is a fusion and tricky combination of both of these elements.

TH9 Hybrid Base

How Good is this War Base for Players?


  • This TH9 hybrid base is one of the stable war bases because it protects and secures your town halls. In Clash of Clans game, players cannot afford and tolerate damage to their town halls. For better security of your town halls, one can use this TH9 war base.
  • Another good and effective use of this town hall 9 hybrid base is that it secure your resources. You have hard earned this loot, gold, and gem for your gameplay. Your opponents and your enemies will always have an evil and bad eye on your loot. So secure your loot from this evil eye of your enemies. Using this TH9 hybrid base, you can make your loot 100% safer. This TH9 war base increases the safety and protection for your loot. For smart gameplay, players should keep enough loot with them. This loot and enough resources will help them in future when players need to upgrade their troops.
  • To get trophies in this game, it is also a tough task. So to gain more and more trophies, use this COC TH9 hybrid base.
  • If you are just a fresh player from this game and you have not played advanced stages of this game then this base TH 9 hybrid is recommended for you. For junior level players and especially for beginners, this is easy to use war base for them.

What Should be Your Gameplay Tactics While Playing from this War Base?

As you have worked much harder for your loot so secured and suggested a way to make it safe is to play from this TH9 hybrid war base. Your loot and resources have to be fully and wholly guarded. Even if you have to lose your trophies, you can do that because loot and resources should matter more for you. Losing few of the trophies will give you 12-hour shields and protection to your loot, and that is enough for you. You can place your town halls and your loot right in the center of war base. In this way, players can easily shield and protect both of them easily.

This clash of clans TH9 hybrid base will make sure that your opponents will not even get 50% from your town halls. This war base performs its functions in a multi-tasking way. It is a multi-functional clash of Clans town hall 9 hybrid base. Very few of the war bases have a potential to secure town halls, to protect resources, to gain trophies and this war base has 100% potential and capacity to do so.

Clash of Clans war bases is wide in number. Anti 2 star and anti 3 star war base, war base with an air sweeper, anti Gowipe war bases and much more. Farming war base, defense base are further additions in these war bases. So if right now, you are facing a little bit of difficulty level while protecting your loot and town halls, then you can take advantage from this TH9 hybrid base. We hope that players will make smarter moves and smarter attacking modes while using and operating on this TH9 war base.

For this game Clash of Clans, loot, gem, gold, resources, elixir, all are survival elements for you. If you run out of gold, gem, and resources, then your game play will almost be ended. To survive here and to fight back with your enemies, secure your loot, gem, and gold for as much longer period as you can. These gems and gold are like lifelines for players. So guard them in the best and great possible way.

Clash of Clans TH9 Hybrid Base Uses and Layouts
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